Ciechanów - konferencja metodyczna

29 stycznia (wtorek), godz. 9:30-14:20
Hotel Baron
ul. Śląska 11








09:30 - 10:00 Rejestracja uczestników

10:00 - 11:20 Sesja dla nauczycieli klas 4-6, Back to basics with an exam in mind. Listening and vocabulary in the upper-primary school.

Once the learning of languages becomes more formal, or ‘adult’, which usually happens in the 4th grade, there is a tendency to forget about a few basic things. For example, some teachers focus so much on ‘covering’ grammar that they forget it is actually vocabulary and functional language that constitute the basis of successful communication. Also, when the written word appears in the language classroom, teaching begins to revolve around reading and spelling, leaving listening somewhat behind. Therefore, in my session I will try to rediscover the primacy of listening and vocabulary, which seems to receive confirmation in the new core curriculum.

Moreover, I will give due consideration to the exam which is looming on the horizon. Although we still need to wait for the details of the exam, there are already a number of guesses that we can make. The conclusions drawn from the analysis of the national curriculum, the expected level of 6 graders or the make-up of the gimnazjum exam can help us design a preliminary exam preparation programme. Come and find out!

11:20 - 11:35 Przerwa / rejestracja uczestników

11:35 - 12:45 Sesja dla nauczycieli gimnazjum, In search of balance: an interface between the teacher, the student and the coursebook.

Lower secondary classroom if full of discrepancies. One is the mismatch between the development of receptive and productive skills attained by an average student, who can already comprehend quite a lot, but fails to produce much language in spontaneous communication. Another discrepancy is between students’ expectation of fun and entertaining topics and what the teacher wants to (or has to) achieve, that is the educational goals set by the curriculum. Finally, there is also a major discrepancy between a well-organised, methodical teacher and chaotic, often unmotivated teenagers.

How can we restore balance in such, admittedly, unfavourable conditions? How to impart a sense of structure into the formidable task of teaching a difficult student often struggling with a hormonal crisis? Well, it seems that the interface between all these elements lies in a structured approach, no-nonsense methodology and a good coursebook. Come and find out how to go about it all on a daily basis.

12:45 - 13:00 Przerwa / rejestracja uczestników

13:00 - 14:20
Sesja dla nauczycieli liceum, Matura 2015 Update. Tips & Insights
Something to speak of… Exploiting teaching moments in the upper-secondary classroom.

In recent years a number of upper-secondary school teachers have observed a decrease in the level of language competence of 1st graders, especially when it comes to their ability to speak. It often turns out that students, who are supposed to be quite advanced in their level of proficiency, cannot say much at all. In other words, the speaking skills of an advanced middle school graduate are not so advanced, actually… Needless to say, it might be quite frustrating to work with that kind of learner and, at the same time, fairly difficult to effectively develop the speaking skill.

It seems that the situation calls for a strategic, long-term plan to be implemented during the whole language course. With only three years ahead at the most, we need to adopt a systematic approach to teaching speaking and provide students with a structured practice, at both micro and macro levels. In the session we are going to focus on how take advantage of different speaking moments that occur during the lesson, exploit a language-rich coursebook and, finally, develop speaking skills in a step-by-step manner.


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