Poznań - Konferencja dla lektorów szkół językowych i uczelni wyższych

27  września (czwartek) godz.10-15.30
Kino Apollo
ul. Ratajczaka 18








10:00-10:30 rejestracja

10:30-11:30 Speak Out! Successful Communication in the Classroom, Robert Dean

“Finished!!!!” Is this a familiar cry from your students? You set up a speaking activity designed to take half an hour, and it’s all over in three minutes… This session will look at how to make classroom communication activities work effectively, and will consider what elements are involved in successful communication, as well as what potential barriers exist to students speaking effectively in class. We will move on to look at ways of providing the right kind of preparation for speaking activities – including the use of authentic materials as a source of useful language. The session will be illustrated with material taken from Pearson’s award winning new course developed in conjunction with the BBC – SpeakOut.

11:30-12:00 przerwa 

12:00-13:00 Grammar Practice is Boring – or is it?, Daniel Brayshaw

For many of us, the word ‘grammar’ does little to excite the senses – in fact it often provokes the opposite reaction. Some may associate grammar learning as being little more than boring written gapfills - but this is 2012, and things do not need to be this way. The technological revolution has done much to broaden the range of resources at our disposal – and this session will be looking at how blended learning – a mixture of classroom study and online learning – can provide inspiration, motivation and a memorable learning experience for even the greatest of grammar–sceptics! The session will be illustrated with material from MyGrammarLab - Pearson’s innovative new blended learning resource.

13:00-13:30 przerwa

13:30-15:30 projekcja filmu The Awakening

A ghost-debunker comes to a boy's school to disprove the existence of ghosts, only to find her own beliefs challenged.

Haunted by the death of the fiancé, Florence spends her time debunking supernatural claims, using methodical and rational explanations to disprove the notion that the dead can still haunt us. She feels compelled to accept a request to go to Rookwood, a boarding school in the countryside where a boy has recently been found dead and rumours about a ghostly boy haunting the school are causing panic amongst pupils and parents alike.

Florence sets to work immediately, laying traps, gathering scientific evidence, uncovering secrets and seemingly unravelling the mystery. However, as Florence is about to leave, she has a chilling spectral encounter which defies all of her rational beliefs and sets her on a journey toward a heartbreaking climax...               

Uczestnicy konferencji otrzymają:

  • SpeakOut Upper-intermediate książka ucznia
  • MyGrammarLab sample
  • zestaw materiałów konferencyjnych