Lublin - konferencja metodyczna (gimnazjum i ponadgimn.)

24 lutego (piątek), godz. 12-14.50
Hotel Mercure Unia
Al. Racławickie 12






12.00-13.15  Katherine Bilsborough: The importance of words

Anybody who has learnt a language understands the importance of vocabulary. The more words a learner knows, the more adept they will be at understanding and communicating. As Michael Lewis said “language consists of grammaticalised lexis, not lexicalised grammar”. These days most English course books adopt a lexical approach to learning. Units begin with the presentation of a set of vocabulary and proceed by practising it in different contexts.

But how can we help our students to remember all of this vocabulary? And how can we evaluate their progress? In this session we will try out some practical classroom activities designed to help our students learn, practise, and remember vocabulary at the same time as they develop their receptive and productive language skills, also needed for the upcoming final exam. The activities are very flexible and require very little or no preparation on your part.

13.30-13.50 Janusz Kamiński: Nowa Podstawa Programowa - główne założenia i ich realizacja w kursie Gateway i nowym repetytorium maturalnym

13.50-14.50 David Spencer: Testing times. Structuring an effective teaching programme for upper-secondary learners.

How can we prepare teenage students for exams but at the same time keep their motivation high? This session will suggest how and why we should find a balance between exam work and all the other useful, enjoyable activities that help to create well-rounded and keen learners of English. After looking at a few key theoretical issues, the session will focus on practical classroom activities, with particular attention to the development of oral skills to prepare for speaking exams.

Amongst the main issues that we will look at in the session are the balance between exam/non-exam practice throughout the school year, the question of testing versus teaching, the effect of exam backwash on teenage students, and the question of whether, for teenage students doing school-leaving exams, English is seen purely as another school-subject or whether it is seen as a worthwhile, real-life tool. In exams, the actual content of texts can seem to take a back seat to their suitability for typical exam tasks, and so another area to be explored will be the importance of content-rich texts to maintain students’ interest and motivation throughout their training.

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