Warszawa - ELT Forum 2012

19 maja (sobota), godz. 9.30-13.10
Hotel Sheraton
Ul.B.Prusa 2






Konferencja metodyczna  z cyklu ELT Forum skierowana jest do:

  • lektorów wyższych uczelni i prywatnych szkół językowych
  • nauczycieli szkół ponadgimnazjalnych
  • nauczycieli przedszkoli.

9.30 - 10.00 Rejestracja na konferencję


Konferencja podzielona została na dwie części:

10.00 - 11.30 sesja plenarna: “Gems on the web” -  Russell Stannard -  sesja na temat wykorzystania najnowszych technologii w klasie

Russell Stannard's website www.teachertrainingvideos.com gets literally thousands of teacher visits every month. In his talk, Russell will focus on the web 2.0 tools that have proved most popular with literally thousands of teachers. These tools are simple to use, free and will have an immediate impact on your teaching and learning. You will leave the session with some great ideas and some great websites that are being used by thousands of teachers around the world. What's more these are simple technologies that even the most technophobic teacher will be able to use.


11.30 - 12.00 przerwa kawowa


12.00 - 13.10 Trzy równoległe sesje:

  • dla lektorów wyższych uczelni i prywatnych szkół językowych Philip Kerr: “The wonderful world of word associations”

Recent research into the way that words are organized in the human brain provides us with useful insights into the associations between words, the relationship between word storage and pronunciation, and how we should approach the teaching of vocabulary. Drawing on the research of Paul Meara and others, I will suggest a range of practical classroom activities for vocabulary practice and recycling activities that can be used for all levels and in most teaching contexts.

These activities require zero or minimal preparation and can be used with any set of words. They are fun and communicative and, most importantly, will help to build your students’ active vocabulary store.

  • dla nauczycieli szkół ponadgimnajzalnych Marta Rosińska: “Matura preparation @ its best”

With a wealth of classroom experience behind them, secondary school teachers are more than aware that successful teaching towards the matura exam requires a highly focused and pre-selected learning programme which must embrace a set of well-designed and correlated activities.

These should range from exam-relevant phraseology and grammar to more than ample revision through the four exam skills. Only by following such a thorough and carefully-planned syllabus can we equip our learners with a sufficiently practical knowledge of how to handle the exam tasks with confidence.

Is there anything else that the teachers can do to maximize the effects? What should they focus on especially to give their average students a better chance to pass the exam well? How could they recycle the required material in an even more efficient way?

  • dla nauczycieli przedszkoli Anna Parr-Modrzejewska: “Through the enchanted sea of imagination”

For a preschooler, every day is an adventure, another opportunity to discover new lands, a chance to meet and overcome challenges. At every English lesson these young learner-explorers embark on an exciting journey collecting a whole treasure chest of words, songs and phrases on the way.

However sailing is a difficult task that requires an experienced captain who knows the ropes and can steer safely through sharp rocks and rough seas. The waters are full of marvels and the world of sailors is filled with colourful language tales fantastic linguistic discoveries.

In this session we are going to join a jolly crew led by a … pirate parrot at the steering oar. We will look at some seaways leading to development of our young learners not only in terms of language but in a more general cognitive dimension... so all on board!

W zaleæności od wybranej sesji uczestnicy konferencji otrzymają:

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