Kielce - konferencja metodyczna (gimnazjum ponadgimn.)

17 lutego (piątek), godz. 11-13.50
Hotel Łysogóry
ul. Sienkiewicza 78







Konferencja dla nauczycieli gimnazjów i szkół ponadgimnazjalnych

Program konferencji:

11.00-12.15 Czesław Kiński i Jacek Łagun: The brick that built the wall - or how to plan a successful gimnazjum lesson

When we compare teaching a student to constructing a building, we’ll see that both are long term tasks in which planning and patience of those in charge are extremely important. At the same time, we cannot overlook the significance of proper structure of a single lesson which will help us achieve our long term goals, just like separate bricks create a wall.

In our session we would like to suggest a few ways of bettering the way an efficient lesson should be planned, including some fresh ideas for staging activities and managing our students’ energy levels. Such micro-planning, we’ll argue, is a truly necessary building block when laying groundwork for long-term oriented teaching and learning in the context of the revised final exam. 

12.30 - 12.50 -  Katarzyna Witkowska: Nowa Podstawa Programowa - główne założenia i ich realizacja w kursie Evolution

12.50-13.50 - Czesław Kiński i Jacek Łagun: Simple. The best. - Creating an effective grammar syllabus for the new oral matura

 With the new oral matura just round the corner, we might be wondering what language areas we should focus on to prepare our students for the big challenge. Based on the experience and comments of many English teachers in Poland, we would like to suggest an effective approach to devising a core grammar syllabus for the new exam. At some point in our careers most of us must have wondered why our students keep making elementary mistakes even though we teach them all advanced grammar structures.

We want to walk you through the three parts of the new matura and demonstrate what grammar points a student needs in order to deal with its tasks. Even though it is our dream to work with highly gifted teenagers, who will get top grades in the exam, we also realize that we mostly deal with average learners. Our session is aimed at those of us who work with these typical students, which probably means that we will see each other soon.

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