Olsztyn - konferencja metodyczna - szk. podstawowa

14 lutego (wtorek), godz. 11.30-14.20
Hotel Wileński
ul. Knosały 5







Konferencja dla nauczycieli szkół podstawowych

Program konferencji:

11.30-14.20 - Marta Rosińska: A question of fun

Our classes will soon be full of children whose linguistic, intellectual and social competencies will vary, potentially leading to all kinds of difficulties for the teacher as well as the learner himself/herself. It goes without saying that teaching at the primary school level focuses mainly on creating a language-rich environment, meaningful repetition and playfulness in general. With both the six- and seven-year olds in our classrooms the question arises how to successfully marry the diverse levels of the students with all the basic requirements of teaching young children.

In my presentation I wish to concentrate on the ways of combining all of the above mentioned factors to help you construct useful and entertaining lessons which integrate the children rather than label them as ‘better or worse’ at writing or reading.

12.30 - 12.50 -   Anna Wysocka-Rokita: Nowa Podstawa Programowa - główne założenia i ich realizacja w kursie Evolution

12.50 - 13.50 - Marta Rosińska: Don’t revolutionize, evolutionize!

The new Core Curriculum for grades 4-6 may not revolutionize our teaching at this level but it does prioritize certain aspects of it. It emphasizes the need for real-life communication as well as greater contextualization of grammatical and lexical items, both of which are to encourage the teachers to help students build their discourse, however minimal it could be. At the same time, we must remember that we deal with young minds who still crave for fun and who learn better through active rather than passive activities. Therefore, in my session I intend to present a wide choice of ideas to help teachers present the language and language skills by means of puzzle-solving exercises, kinaesthetic grammar, visual input and learner-centred materials.


Materiały konferencyjne przygotowane przez wydawnictwo Macmillan: