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1 lutego (środa) godz. 11-13.30
Biuro Rady FSNT NOT
ul. M. Skłodowskiej-Curie 2







Teaching through discovery, Mariola Bogucka
sesja dla nauczycieli klas 1-3

Teaching English in lower-primary classes feels like having the time of our life! Together with our students we can sing, draw, play, experiment with new resources and make a lot of noise enjoying every class. But why is there then so much talk about difficulties and so little about the joys of teaching grades 1-3? Teaching younger, six-year-old, learners may look like a serious challenge but it can be easily overcome when we know what teaching styles and practices to tap into.

In the session we will jump into the shoes of our pupils to see better how engaging studying English is when we visit Our Discovery Island worlds inhabited by playful and friendly characters, set on adventurous quests and cope with tasks addressing our multiple intelligences. What’s more, we’ll have a chance to see how enchanted children are by the idea of playing with Our Discovery Island friends on-line.

During the presentation we will test classroom activities in line with the core curriculum and suited to the cognitive and emotional needs of our such resourceful and such diverse pupils.


In their Shoes: Discovering English and the world through upper-primary eyes,
Daniel Brayshaw
sesja dla nauczycieli klas 4-6

Do you remember when you hit ‘double-figures’ for the first time? Can you recall the joys and frustrations of being 10, 11 or 12 years old?

At times we seem so preoccupied with formal changes to the educational system, and its tools for assessment that we perhaps lose sight of what it is like to be a 4-6 grader, bursting with a new enthusiasm for discovery of oneself and one’s place in the world.

This session will begin by summarizing what we know about the 2015 sprawdzian szóstoklasisty, and suggesting how we can best get ready for it. Then using fun practical activities and materials taken from Pearson’s new upper primary course Discover English, we’ll go on to explore an approach to teaching and learning in which hungry minds are given the opportunity to systematically develop their English by means of discovery.

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Dla zarejestrowanych uczestników konferencji Wydawnictwo PEARSON przygotowało wyjątkowe materiały!

Dla uczestników sesji dla klas 1-3

  • podręcznik Our Discovery Island 1
  • dwie wersje zeszytu ćwiczeń Our Discovery Island 1
  • wprowadzenie do serii Our Discovery Island i wyjątkowej gry językowej on-line
  • materiały konferencyjne wraz z certyfikatem uczestnictwa

Dla uczestników sesji dla klas 4-6

  • książka nauczyciela ze zintegrowanymi stronami podręcznika Discover English 1
  • nowa podstawa programowa w formie pytań i odpowiedzi eksperta
  • materiały konferencyjne wraz z certyfikatem uczestnictwa

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