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The Art Of Being a Great Manager, Peter Moran
sesja dla nauczycieli klas 1-3

It sometimes seems that the one constant in edukacja wczesnoszkolna is that there is no constant. Six- and seven-year-olds together, new core programmes, new technologies ... teachers these days are required to be great managers as well as great teachers.

This session will aim to look realistically at the challenges that today's teachers face in classes I-III and show how Our Discovery Island can help to provide solutions to these by setting on adventurous quests, and catering for all kinds of intelligences.

The presentation will focus on providing practical suggestions for turning challenges into opportunities, including demonstrations of classroom activities in line with the core curriculum and suited to the cognitive and emotional needs and abilities of children at this age, with particular attention paid to activities for classes of mixed ages and abilities.

Exploring and Discovering in Classes IV-VI, Peter Moran
sesja dla nauczycieli klas 4-6

Classes IV-VI represent a challenging period in children's education as they move away from early-school integrated learning into a gradually more demanding school environment. It is a period of discovery and exploration as newly-acquired learning skills are put to use and honed and as the young explorers head towards their first formal challenges, in the shape of the test for VI grade which is expected to be in place for 2015.

This session will summarise what we know about the forthcoming changes, including the 2015 test, consider what they are likely to mean for our students and present a range of materials, approaches and activities which will create and maintain a lively, creative and fun-filled classroom, including ideas from Pearson's new upper-primary course Discover English.

Dla zarejestrowanych uczestników konferencji Wydawnictwo PEARSON przygotowało wyjątkowe materiały!

Dla uczestników sesji dla klas 1-3

  • podręcznik Our Discovery Island 1
  • dwie wersje zeszytu ćwiczeń Our Discovery Island 1
  • wprowadzenie do serii Our Discovery Island i wyjątkowej gry językowej on-line
  • materiały konferencyjne wraz z certyfikatem uczestnictwa

Dla uczestników sesji dla klas 4-6

  • książka nauczyciela ze zintegrowanymi stronami podręcznika Discover English 1
  • nowa podstawa programowa w formie pytań i odpowiedzi eksperta
  • materiały konferencyjne wraz z certyfikatem uczestnictwa

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