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Adventurous thinking, Jeanne Perrett
sesja dla nauczycieli klas 1-3

The language we teach children in primary classes has to be useful, relevant and long-lasting. It needs to be appropriate for their age but also has to travel with them into their adult lives. We need to teach skills, grammar and vocabulary but we also want to help them develop their knowledge, their mental capacities and their imagination. How can we do this? How can we do this with six-year-olds or when there are six- and seven-year-olds learning together? By thinking adventurously!

As Einstein said, ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.’

Jeanne Perrett, surrounded by playful characters, breathtaking quests and digital tools from Our Discovery Island talks about imagination and knowledge and how we can build both.

Discovering the richness of teaching in classes 4-6, Grant Kempton
sesja dla nauczycieli klas 4-6

So much has already been said and written about the washback effect of exams. No wonder teachers around the globe are rather cautious when they hear that a new test or exam is being introduced. Does it have to be the case with the 2015 sprawdzian szóstoklasisty? Will it turn our classes into a 3-year test preparation?

The session will briefly review what we know about the approaching 2015 test just to estimate how it is going to influence creativity of our English classes. We will also have a careful look at a range of upper-primary materials from Pearson’s new course Discover English to see if it really is possible to simultaneously cater for our students’ linguistic and cognitive development, to stay with the new core curriculum requirements and still turn our English classes into engaging and fun-filled explorations.

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Dla zarejestrowanych uczestników konferencji Wydawnictwo PEARSON przygotowało wyjątkowe materiały!


Dla uczestników sesji dla klas 1-3

  • podręcznik Our Discovery Island 1
  • dwie wersje zeszytu ćwiczeń Our Discovery Island 1
  • wprowadzenie do serii Our Discovery Island i wyjątkowej gry językowej on-line
  • materiały konferencyjne wraz z certyfikatem uczestnictwa

Dla uczestników sesji dla klas 4-6

  • książka nauczyciela ze zintegrowanymi stronami podręcznika Discover English 1
  • nowa podstawa programowa w formie pytań i odpowiedzi eksperta
  • materiały konferencyjne wraz z certyfikatem uczestnictwa

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