Rzeszów - Konferencja metodyczna

16 lutego (środa), godz. 10:30 - 14:30
Wojewódzki Dom Kultury, ul. S. Okrzei 7





10:30 –11:00 Rejestracja uczestników
11:00 – 11:20 Zmiany w egzaminie gimnazjalnym 2012 – prezentacja Barbary Czarneckiej-Cichej
11:20 – 12:10 NEW EXAM, NEW CHALLENGES – Anna Sikorzyńska

The gimnazjum exam is changing. Both teachers and students are getting more and more anxious and keep wondering: Is the new exam really scary? What do we need to worry about? How can we prepare for this challenge? In my session I would like to look at exam preparation: the main challenges involved in the new exam, the authentic needs of gimnazjum students and practical ideas for organising exam training. We will look at new exam task types at both levels and ways of helping our students to cope with them successfully. The talk will be illustrated with examples from New Exam Challenges.

12:10 – 12:30 Przerwa kawowa
12:30 – 13:10

Effective classroom assessment of language learning involves the systematic monitoring of learners’ communicative performance and progress as well as of their linguistic acquisition. To do this properly takes a lot of time, a commodity in short supply for most English language teachers. Therefore, we need to decide where and how to spend our time and, even more important, to involve learners in the assessment process to help us. This session will make some practical suggestions about how to prioritise and how to involve learners. We will look specifically at assessment within the context of preparation for the skills elements in the gimnazjum exam: self-assessment of reading and listening performance; teacher assessment of written performance; self and peer assessment of writing.

13:10 – 13:20 Przerwa
13:20 – 13:40 Zmiany w egzaminie maturalnym 2012 – prezentacja Barbary Czarneckiej-Cichej

Performance of matura students is obviously determined by exam standards and task types. It often happens that the outcome of the learning and preparation processes is below par, even if the candidate seems well-prepared for the exam. This results from lenient marking scheme, but also not much focus on language accuracy or limited language production required in some tasks, to name but a few. In this session we will see how, in the light of the new oral exam standards, we can promote improved language performance and, in general, straighten out the linguistic mess.

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zestaw materiałów konferencyjnych, certyfikat uczestnictwa, torbę jubileuszową, Egzaminy 2012 – Kompendium anglisty, przewodnik MyEnglishLab wraz z próbnym kodem dostępu oraz egzemplarz okazowy podręcznika New Matura Success Pre-Intermediate, a w terminie późniejszym drogą pocztową New Exam Challenges 1.


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