Warszawa - Kapelusze Lektora IV

15 maja (niedziela), godz. 9-15
Biblioteka Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, ul. Dobra 56/66








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Gościem specjalnym warsztatów będzie Penny Ur.

Penny Ur was educated at Oxford, where she read Hebrew and Arabic, and at Cambridge (PGCE). She completed her MA TEFL at Reading University in 1987. Penny Ur has thirty-five years’ experience as an English teacher in elementary, middle and high schools in Israel. From 1980 she has also been teaching pre-service and in-service courses at Oranim Academic College of Education and Haifa University, at BA and MA level. She has presented papers at TESOL, IATEFL and various other English teachers’ conferences worldwide. She has published a number of articles, and was for ten years the editor of the Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers series. Her books include Discussions that Work (1981), Five Minute Activities (co‑authored with Andrew Wright) (1992), A Course in Language Teaching (1996), Grammar Practice Activities (2nd Edition) (2009), Vocabulary activities (forthcoming), A Course in English Language Teaching (forthcoming), all published by Cambridge University Press. She is also the editor of Active Grammar (2011).



9.00-9.30 Rejestracja

9.30-11.00 Teachers’ 11th commandment – I shall not stand in their way

Luiza Wójtowicz Waga

In spite of a complete understanding of the importance of speaking, (some) teachers do tend to stand in their students’ way to become fluent speakers of English. The aim of the 90-minute-workshop is to diagnose those areas in which we could do better as for preparation, empathy or just mere common classroom sense. Elicited and presented, practiced and later (hopefully) produced by teachers – the session is to enrich effective teaching of communication.

11.00-11.20 Przerwa kawowa

11.20-12.40 Teaching grammar: both accuracy and fluency - Penny Ur

Many of us have had the experience of seeing our students perform well on grammar exercises and tests in particular grammatical structures – but then produce mistakes in the same structures when they communicate on their own through speech or writing! In this talk I shall discuss why this might be so, and suggest a practical model of grammar teaching that is likely to enable students to use the grammar acceptably in their own production. Participants will have opportunities to experience and discuss some sample procedures.

12.40-13.00 Przerwa

13.00-14.20 Making language exercises interesting - Penny Ur

In this workshop we shall look at some grammar, vocabulary and spelling exercises, discuss what makes them more - or less – interesting, and explore some strategies that can add interest to the boring ones. The aim is to equip participants with some ‘practical principles’ for creating and maintaining interest in language practice procedures.

14.20-15.00 Zakończenie, rozdanie certyfikatów, losowanie nagród.