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Roadmap A1. Student's eBook Online Access Code

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Krótki opis
EAN 9781292356747
Rok Wydania 2020
Oprawa Inna
Wydawnictwo Pearson
Kategoria Nauka języków / Angielski / Podręczniki / Kursy Dla Doroslych
“Roadmap is a journey and the final destination is fluent speaking and confidence.” “Teaching sub-skills, not just practising them… Language is generally divided into two main areas: language systems (grammar, lexis, phonology and discourse) and language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). The latter of these can be further divided into subskills. These are things we do in our first language usually as subconscious processes. For example, if we’re listening to an airport announcement, we’ll selectively listen out for keywords and numbers related to our flight (destination, time, flight number, gate, etc.), a sub-skill known as scanning. Likewise, we know how to interrupt a conversation politely to join in. To truly develop these skills and sub-skills with our learners, we need to teach specific strategies to help them develop.”
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Rok Wydania 2020
Oprawa Inna
Wydawnictwo Pearson
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